Yark Beds

We worked with Yark Beds right from the launch of their innovative bed builder startup, creating a bespoke Shopify store to help Yark Beds make their personalised home product accessible to everyone.

A Luxury You Can Afford

Yark believes that the days of off-the-shelf beds are numbered. Yark was founded to give their customers control over how their bed looks, feels and even how it arrives at their door.

How We Helped

  • Shopify Web Design & Development
  • Bespoke Product Builder Development
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The Online Store

When Yark came to Statement, their bed builder brand was still just an idea. We worked with the Yark team to build their online store from the ground up, developing a custom Shopify store based on their design specification, and focused around their core custom bed product.

The Bed Builder

The Yark store is based around their single bed product, but with a wealth of customisation options. To create a unique, personal experience for Yark customers, we developed a custom bed builder for the site, allowing visitors to build their perfect bed, piece by piece all from a single page - essential for any fresh new home and interiors brand.

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