An award winning, world leading online retailer - Statement has been part of the PowerBulbs success story from day one

A bright eCommerce success story

PowerBulbs is an important business to us here at Statement, because we started life as an internal team within this very business. It was here where we started to amass our extensive eCommerce experience and PowerBulbs is the reason we have such a strong retailer mindset in everything we do.

How We Helped

  • Web Design & Development
  • Bespoke Stock & Orders Management System
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Digital Strategy Consultancy
  • Ongoing Digital Support
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Zero orders to tens of thousands each year

We've been working with the PowerBulbs team for 17 years. That's longer than most marriages! In this time we've worked on brand, design, development and marketing projects which have all been central from taking this business from zero orders through to tens of thousands each year. As Statement has grown, the business now has their own new internal team, but we continue to provide ongoing insights and support to help them to stay ahead.

We've done it before

It's a success story we're proud of but it also anchors everything we do; we truly understand how to build and run an eCommerce experience because we've done it ourselves.

The results speak for themselves. Both traffic and sales are up significantly year-on-year. Plus we've also become more efficient as our systems are more effective than ever, reducing administration and allowing us to process more orders with the same level of staffing.

Management Team, Powerbulbs


Increase in orders


Increase in revenue


Increase in website visits

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