Love Shopping Direct

Love Shopping Direct chose Statement to migrate their four market leading eCommerce stores to Shopify Plus, simplifying their tech stack and preparing the business for continued rapid growth.

A Market Leader

The Love Shopping Direct team runs four established eCommerce stores across lighting, heating, ventilation & air conditioning.

With a need to handle huge sales peaks over warm summers and cold, damp winters, a fragmented infrastructure and sites across multiple platforms, Love Shopping Direct trusted Statement with replatforming their stores away from Magento and bespoke platforms, to Shopify Plus.

How We Helped

  • Shopify Plus design & development
  • Magento to Shopify Plus migration
  • Bespoke platform to Shopify Plus migration
  • 3rd party system integrations

Why Statement?

The Love Shopping Direct team interviewed several potential development partners to take on their project, and felt Statement were the standout candidate;

“Statement really stood out as it felt like they’d really pushed the Shopify platform to its outer limits.

Statement had the strongest experience of building highly technical sites and were the best fit for our replatforming partner. They also had a great background in the lighting industry, which sold us that they could bring life to a dry, functional product range.”

From Multiple platforms... to Shopify Plus

To keep Love Shopping Direct’s complex migration simple, Statement started by developing a master theme that could be adapted to perfectly fit each of their individual stores.

This meant each store could be launched much more quickly, with key functionality and integrations such as Brightpearl, Akeneo for product management and Algolia for advanced search already implemented.

This brought an end to Love Shopping Direct’s fragmented tech stack, allowing them to boost efficiency and plan for the future.

“We’re incredibly happy with all of the work undertaken by Statement on our Shopify stores. Statement took an incredibly complicated brief and managed to deliver it exceptionally well.

Statement managed to knit together a number of complex integrations as well as seamlessly replicate the bespoke features from our old platforms that took hundreds of hours of development work previously.

Statement never shy away from a challenge and thrive on finding solutions to novel problems. I honestly couldn't recommend their work enough, well done to Dan, Tom, Harry and the team.”

Andy Lockley, Head of eCommerce

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