World leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment, Cleva came to us to help redesign and replatform their store to Shopify.

Award winning vacuum cleaners

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Cleva provide high quality products with exceptional performance and durability.

Having operated their online site on Magento 1.9, the brand decided it was time to replatform their aging store from a platform who’s security updates were due to run out.

How We Helped

  • Magento to Shopify replatform
  • Full redesign
  • Data migration
  • Blog build
  • Bespoke functionality (hotspot imagery)
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Redesign and Replatform

We started off by scoping out the project in detail, mapping out everything from bespoke design to data migration.

The Cleva team were looking for a stunning design with flawless UX, and by working closely with their team, we created and implemented new designs to bring this vision to life.

In addition, we built bespoke functionality on the site, including 'hotspot' imagery, which is present on product pages. This allows customers to view specific aspects of the products and understand the relevant benefits.

The new site is proving to be effective for the Cleva team, allowing the brand to showcase products in a better way, with a clear and more efficient user journey now in place.

Why Statement and Shopify?

With our experience replatforming internationally known brands to Shopify and Shopify Plus, the Cleva team felt confident that we would be able to deliver their project to the highest standard.

They were experiencing a number of issues on their Magento site, and with very little ongoing development, the team decided to move to a robust platform that would help them continue to grow.

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