Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro chose Statement to provide ongoing Shopify Plus support and optimisation for their high growth vintage fashion store helping them spread their passion for vintage clothing across the world.

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

From their stores in the UK and Sweden, as well as through their Shopify Plus eCommerce store, Beyond Retro scours fashion runways and global street style to bring the best in vintage fashion to their customers.

How We Helped

  • Shopify Plus design and development.
  • Ongoing Shopify Plus support.
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A Shopify Expert on Hand

Beyond Retro came to Statement needing ongoing support for their Shopify Plus store. As Shopify Plus Partners, our team was perfectly placed to help.

We’ve worked with the Beyond Retro team on a homepage redesign, using Shopify’s sections functionality to help their team quickly change and adapt their store’s design and layout, while supporting their in-house team with web updates and tweaks to make the user experience ever better.

A Fast Moving Market

As most of Beyond Retro’s products are ‘one-offs’ or in limited quantities, stock moves incredibly quickly and on-site changes need to be made rapidly to keep content fresh.

Our team works with Beyond Retro on an ongoing basis, booking monthly calls to address any on-site opportunities for improvement quickly.

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