Could Facebook’s New “Groups for Pages” Shake Up Your Social Media Strategy?

After testing the feature back in March, Facebook has now started rolling out it’s new “Groups for Pages” feature to businesses and organisations around the world.

Facebook introduces new features for its platform all of the time, but could this one really make a difference to how you approach social media for your eCommerce business?

Building a community of loyal fans and advocates is an important part of any eCommerce store’s marketing strategy, and here’s how Groups for Pages could become an important part of that for many brands.

What are “Groups for Pages”?

Facebook Groups have been around for almost as long as the platform itself. Allowing a group of users to share in a private discussion confined to members.

Groups for Pages allows brands and businesses on Facebook to create groups directly linked to their Facebook Page. The idea came from The Washington Post’s “PostThis” Facebook Group, a community of the paper’s most avid readers, and should allow brands to create groups for more in depth and detailed discussion around their products or services.

Groups for Pages

Previously, a brand looking to create a group on Facebook would have to do so separately through an employee’s personal account.

Groups for Pages will now sit in a dedicated tab on a brand’s Facebook Page, where fans can view any groups created by the business.

How Could eCommerce Brands Use Them?

As we mentioned above, creating a community of loyal and dedicated fans is important for any eCommerce business to be successful. Facebook Groups for Pages could be a powerful way of serving your most passionate “super-fans”.

Brands could create exclusive groups for fans to test and talk about new products, have access to exclusive deals or just discuss their love for your products.

Facebook Groups for Pages may be an important tool for nurturing and developing your most valuable customers.

So Should I Set up a Group?

Groups for Pages certainly show a lot of promise, but they might not be suitable for every brand. You need to think about how your customers currently interact with your business. If they don’t really use Facebook, setting up a group may not be the greatest idea.

There’s also the problem that Facebook Groups haven’t exactly been the most popular feature of the platform. The way that groups operate hasn’t really changed for a while, and many users simply prefer to take their discussions out into public, or onto other platforms.

If you have a highly engaged Facebook audience however, Groups for Pages could really shake up your social media strategy.

Have you been using Groups for Pages? We’d love to hear about your experience with the feature. Just get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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